Samantha. 20. Syracuse. Boston.

I think every lyric of every song was written about my life. I collect the fortunes from my fortune cookies. I like the red flavor of any candy. I reluctantly but heartedly believe in the accuracy of the zodiac. I am the stereotypical Pisces. I am trying to follow the teachings of the Buddha. I like skulls and crosses and pink and lace. I love being surrounded by people, but eventually need time to myself. I like all shades of blue. I am short tempered and moody, but I am loving and loyal. Chocolate and peanut butter are the keys to my heart. I am naturally pessimistic and I push myself to change that every day. I listen to the best music. I like to psychoanalyze everyone but myself. I am too often an open book as you probably could have guessed. I'm funny, honest, sarcastic, intelligent, pretty, creative, odd. I am beautiful inside and out, and I'm working on believing that.

"You are not broken. You are not a problem to be solved. Solving your “problem”, whatever you perceive your problem or problems to be, is not the key to happiness."
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